Cumbersome enterint of Effort Time

Christian P. shared this question 2 months ago
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I rely heavily on effort time in my Mindmaps (use them mostly for documentation). In the current Version i have to follow a strict order when entering an effort time:

  1. Mark the branch(es) that should get the effort assigned
  2. Change the unit (e.g. minutes)
  3. Enter the number (e.g. 15)
  4. then click back somewhere in the map

If I do not follow these exact 4 steps in the correct order the number is not remembered. e.g. I mark then branch, change the unit, enter the number and then click on the Status to complete the branch - the effort is 0. Or when I mark the branch, enter the number, then change to minutes - the number is also 0.

Im I wrong considering this as a bug?

Best Regards, Christian

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