Update the Mac topic formatting to match the superior Windows experience

Greg S. shared this idea 5 months ago
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The Windows version of MindManager offers a superior topic reformatting experience for text and multiple lines. In the Windows version of MindManager, when I resize a topic, the text reformats and displays the updated multiple lines in real-time. So whether I am expanding or reducing the topic, I can quickly achieve the desired line display results for the text.

When I resize a topic in the Mac version, unlike the Windows version, the text does NOT reformat and display to multiple lines in real-time. It does use an outline box, but that makes it harder to see the number of lines the topic text will reformat to.

When I am reducing the topic, the outline does help me to see when the text expands onto a new line.

However, unlike the Windows version, when I expand the topic size, the outline view does NOT allow me to see where the text changes the number of lines.

This means I need to expand the text, release the mouse, and then reduce the text to achieve the desired number of lines. As a reminder, the Windows version allows me to do this in one step rather than the three needed in the Mac version.

The Mac topic resizing should be updated to offer the same superior formatting experience as the Windows version. I believe the Mac version had the same topic resizing experience as the Windows version a few releases back, but it was changed. The Mac version should have at least an option to allow this real-time topic formatting.

See the attached video for a demonstration of the different behavior between MindManager's Mac and Windows versions.