Bi-directional map roll ups OR locked view

profkang shared this idea 2 years ago
Voting Open

The map roll ups (not task roll up) technique is quite powerful. You can "peek" into another map, and this is extremely useful for project management dashboards that collect information from multiple other maps. But the roll ups sync in only one direction. If I make any changes in a rolled up map, they do not propagate back into the original. This risks confusion.

So, it would be great to allow for bidirectional synchronization. If I make a change in the rolled up map, it should also propagate back to the original (with perhaps a "save" warning).

In the alternative, the rolled up map should be "locked" by default so that it functions as read-only topic and subtopic-- because after a refresh, all the edits will disappear. If you try to edit, you should be told to "disconnect" the roll-up or edit the original.