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charles c. shared this idea 14 days ago
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'#Language "WWB-COM"

Option Explicit

Sub Main
Dim docCurrent As Document ' current Document
Dim cwtopic
Dim mynotes
Dim position As Integer

Set docCurrent = ActiveDocument

mynotes = InputBox("what to write?")
For Each cwtopic In docCurrent.Selection

position = InStr(cwtopic.Notes.Text, mynotes)
If position = 0 Then
End If


End Sub

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This script is a macro written in WinWrap Basic for MindManager, a mind mapping and project management software. The script adds a user-specified text to the notes of each selected topic in the active MindManager document if the text doesn't already exist in the notes. Here's a breakdown of the script:

1. Declare variables:
- `docCurrent` holds the active MindManager document.
- `cwtopic` is a variable for topics within the document.
- `mynotes` will store the user input text.
- `position` is used to check if the input text already exists in the topic notes.

2. Set `docCurrent` as the active MindManager document.

3. Display an input box to the user asking them to enter the text they want to add to the notes.

4. Iterate through each selected topic (`cwtopic`) in the active document:
- Check if the input text (`mynotes`) is already present in the topic notes. If it's not, the `InStr` function will return 0.
- If the text does not exist in the notes, insert a new line and then insert the input text (`mynotes`) into the topic notes.

The purpose of this script is to add a user-specified text to each selected topic's notes in a MindManager document, but only if the text doesn't already exist in the notes.


I am thinking to make it go thru official routines,

and become official macros/addons,

provide additional features and support as commercial versions.

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