Mindjet please work with OpenAI or google to let their AI learn the macro

charles c. shared this idea 16 days ago
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or teach me pls :)

because i didn't find the topic.GetHyperlink method in v20 api of mm

my whole day is like a translator, translating those AI's "plain english" into the API.

btw, i just want to use macro to obtain a topic's hyperlink, like using Rt click and "copy as link", with result alike: mj-map://path/file.mmap#oidxxxxxxx

how to do that?



google's Claude:

You can obtain a hyperlink to a MindManager topic using its OID with the following VBA/WinWrap script:

Dim topic As Topic
Set topic = m_map.Topics.FindByOID(oid)

Dim hyperlink As String
hyperlink = topic.GetHyperlink

This will:

1. Use the m_map.Topics.FindByOID() method to lookup the Topic object with the given OID.

2. Call the GetHyperlink() method on that Topic object to obtain its hyperlink.

3. Store the hyperlink in the hyperlink string variable.

So for example, if you had a Topic with OID 1000123, this code would find that Topic and store its hyperlink in the hyperlink variable, which you could then use for various purposes.

The GetHyperlink() method will return a hyperlink in the format:



- mapID is the Map GUID
- topicID is the Topic OID

So this gives you a way to programmatically get a direct link to any Topic in a MindManager map using its OID.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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