[VBA] Tag added by Topic.TextLabels.AddTextLabel("text") cant be del in task plane, thx

charles c. shared this question 16 days ago
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my script went well,

but clearly the above method in macro produced a tag NOT the same as a normal tag,

the latter made by Rt button->Add tags manually.

As seen below, the "found in TargetMap" is grey (yes it is) in the Map Index and cant be deleted, while the "asdfasdfads" is black and could be deleted.


yes i could filter out the grey one, hide all and remove all tags but that's not good.

why is that?


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This is because the tag has been added directly to the topic, and not created in the Map Marker group. Tags exist in two places: in a map marker group, and also on topics. Ideally tags are created in a map marker group first, then applied to topics. Tags that exist in the marker group can be deleted. Tags that exist only on the topic are indexed in the General Tags group in the Map Index for convenience, but the tag cannot be deleted from there.

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