[VBA] what macros you think worth to make? thanks

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although i only have high school/college programming technique,

2 days is enough for me to write a 6 lines macro that saved me lot's of time (i wish i did this earlier).

i am seeking to see whatelse could i do with the macros, suggestions are wellcome.

it seems i could easily do simple task that is within the mindmanager object model.

anything that use COM to connect to other programs is certainly outside my scope.


btw, that COM connection is indeep superuseful, like connect to obsidian, connect to anki, connect to PDF readers etc. macros seems could only do simple automation. those need addins.

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i used to use a addon called "maplinker" for mm7.

simply, you add a map2 into map1, and then if map2 is updated,

a click will update what is in map1. however, it's not smart. if you also put map1 in map2, the updates will make the maps become infinitely large.

but i think is do-able, even for a naive one like me.

i guess it's available in commercial addons already, however.

ps: currently, in mm20, if you put map2 inside map1, update of map2 wont affect what's in map1 and you just cant update it. that's not good.


oh, just found using map parts, /w refresh and delete+insert map files seems perform the same.


another idea:

node seeker: sometimes i moved the map, then i got a link to old.mmap#xxxxxx <--node's id and i dont know which node it means.

would be nice if one can know which node have what ID or vice versa.



btw, just playing /w gpt4, it can help to debug programs users just wrote.


hey, just found may use gpt4 to help!

i would like to further improve my "copy text to all subtopics'note" macro,

i wanna check that there is NO existing same text before insert.

gpt4 teach me that i can use InStr to check it.


in the world of writing macro for mindmanager, this would be a wonderful tool!


i asked: in VBA, how do i check whether one text variable contains another text inside?


In VBA, you can use the `InStr` function to check if one text variable (substring) is present within another text variable (main string). The `InStr` function returns the position of the first occurrence of the substring within the main string. If the function returns 0, it means the substring is not present in the main string.

Here's an example:

Sub CheckSubstring()

Dim mainString As String
Dim substring As String
Dim position As Integer

mainString = "This is a sample text"
substring = "sample"

position = InStr(1, mainString, substring, vbTextCompare)

If position > 0 Then
MsgBox "The substring '" & substring & "' is present in the main string at position " & position & "."
MsgBox "The substring '" & substring & "' is not present in the main string."
End If

End Sub

In this example, `InStr` function starts searching from the first character of `mainString`, looking for the `substring`. The `vbTextCompare` argument makes the search case-insensitive. If you want the search to be case-sensitive, you can use `vbBinaryCompare` instead.


yes, the macro now wont add duplicate texts.

however, seems in winwrap, the InStr cant use the above line,

i have to remove the "1" and the "vbtextcompare" to work.



i asked gpt4 how can i compare 2 mindmaps,

it said:

1. manually

2. use macro

then it wrote me one!

but winwrap is not EXACTLY same as VBA,

so the code gpt4 gave me have to be fine tuned.

will try to report if useful


ideally, it will be like beyond compare 4.

in a new mindmap,

show what topics are



left orphan

right orphan


I really could do many things /w macro:

1. populate text into all subtopics' notes

2. "merger" help me merge several-time-changing mindmaps into the main one

3. i am writing a macro to select all subtopics... this should be buildin...

ideas come true.

ideas wellcomed.



the 3rd macro to select all subtopics is also finishe.

crazy... why no one do so?

my life could have been saved.....

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