Worth to spend time learning mm's vba? the WinWrap basic language?

charles c. shared this question 20 days ago
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i just tested on mm,

seems mm2020 only support wwb-com (VBA) and NOT wwb.net (VB .NET)


1. it sticks to windows i think

2. it's old, but not obsolete. but really is old.


1. i am really a mm enthusiast, i live on mm, i want that macro to happen

2. the VBA LANGUAGE itself is applicable to other MS programs like excel, word, access etc

what's your idea?

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as said in another thread i wanna write a macro to paste text into multi topics' notes.

i just used several hours to read the "mm for dummies", and the API,

writing into a single topic's note is easy.

but just like the original paste function, if you select multi topics and run the macro, ONLY one topic is inserted with the text.

i guess it should design in another way:

somehow the multiple selected topics should be collected as a list.

and then make a for loop to add the text into each topic's note.

may be will dig out later when have time.


'#Language "WWB-COM"

Option Explicit

Sub Main
	Dim docCurrent As Document ' current Document
	Dim tpcSelected As Topic ' selected Topic
	Set docCurrent = ActiveDocument
	Set tpcSelected = docCurrent.Selection.PrimaryTopic ' our selected topic
End Sub


just found the API have a selection collection,

i just later have to found out how to list the members out, and then do a for loop.

Selection Collection

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The Selection object gives access to the currently selected objects in the user interface, and is specific to each document. Selected objects are normally highlighted in the user interface.


don't think many mm users are actively using the macros.


i am a chinese,

someone say learning VBA is NOT to make millions of money,

but to save some time of your life.

it's quite true.

for me, for EACH mindmap i have to drag and drop the notes to each topics before,

it could be 50+ subtopics.

now, with that 6 lines of code which i made in another thread, labelled VBA, i don't need to do so anymore.

fantastic VBA.

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