Plusses and minuses of the new auto link feature in MM23

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While I was hoping for a few more features to be added to MM23, I am pleasantly surprised at how useful the new automated link pasting facility is. As the Release Notes state:

Pasting links into MindManager is now automated. When a link is copied to the clipboard and then pasted into a topic in MindManager, it will automatically be interpreted as a topic link. This makes it easier to link to external resources or other topics within MindManager maps. If a paragraph of text contains one or more links, MindManager will also automatically recognize them and add it as a topic link or links. This can be a useful way to quickly add multiple links to your map without having to manually add each one.

This works pretty much as described when you are pasting text with embedded URLs; the text is pasted into a topic and the link URL is added as a link to the topic. However, there is one limitation - you cannot remove text formatting. If you paste the text unformatted, the hyperlinks are also removed.

There also appears to be a minor bug if you are pasting straight URLs from a Word document. or an Excel spreadsheet, In this case each the hyperlink for each URL seems to be duplicated. This does not seem to happen with PDF versions of the same document.

Despite these limitations this feature is very useful, especially as it has an undocumented aspect. Importing (as opposed to copying and pasting from) a Word document containing hyperlinks now seems to work properly. In versions 21 and 22 the hyperlinks needed to be formatted as MM hyperlinks and indented to be associated with the relevant parent topic - otherwise they were just treated as topic notes, or deposited en-masse on the central topic. This seems to have been rectified, and now hyperlinks are linked to the relevant parent topic without special formatting or the need to indent them.

While there are minor flaws with this feature - which hopefully will be rectified soon - it is a great tool for anyone who wants to import lots of material containing multiple hyperlinks which they want to preserve.

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well, i thought you mean bilinks like obsidians came to mm.

but indeep NOT.


Regrettably I spoke too soon, and I should have done more testing.

The "automated" links process unfortunately has not fixed the problem when importing Word documents that freestanding link URLs end up in topic notes rather than as hyperlinks attached to the relevant topic. The only way to ensure the latter occurs is still to apply the MM Word "MM Hyperlink" style to the links in the Word document prior to import.

However, there is one small improvement: you no longer have to indent these MM Hyperlink-formatted paragraphs which you had to do with MM 21 and 22, so essentially the situation in MindManager 23 has reverted to what it was prior to MM 20.

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