Could mm receive comments from PDF hightlight like marginnote3, bookxnote, markmind?

charles c. shared this idea 38 days ago
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the above 3 softwares are PDF highlighters,

that when you highlight, AUTOMATICALLY add a node to their own mindmap.

then, for MN3 and bookxnote, could export to mindmanager and/or xmind format.

it would be good if mm can provide some soft of support.

i dont have mn3 because i dont have iOS device.

for bookxnote, the problem with it on it's own is that,

when doing PDF -> bxn's mindmap, then export to xmind, and import by mm;

the xmind have links back to the PDF!

but the PDF's highlight is NOT linked to the mindmanager file.

that's the problem without mm support.


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Maybe the tools you mention are valuable to more of us.

Could you include video's of what they do, and how you would like them to interact with MIndManager?

That would also help us alot with all the abbreviations in your post

e..g. WHAT is a bxn? WHAT is a MN3?


google it

u will be surprised


You asked...

I will not respond any further




as seen in the above screen,

right hand side is PDF,

left hand side is mindmap.

when you highlight/underline any text on RHS,

it automatically add a node on the LHS,

this is way better than the current method i have to use:

highlight in PDF for future use, and copy the text, and paste into mindmanager.

marginnote3 MN3 (apple only), bookxnote bxn (windows,androids only) all from china, quite cheap, about USD12.

downside is both first work within the mindmap inside the app,

then they let you EXPORT to xmind (not mindmanager).

yes you could import it, but unless the app directly use .mmap, any export = a new version = loss old modifications.

so, the best way is mindmanager integrate with some PDF edititng tools and do that.

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