Obsidian and MindManager 22

Catherine F. shared this question 10 months ago
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Windows 11 system. I create mind maps, many every day, using the Zettlekasten system -- capturing information, making literature notes. Is there some way to hyperlink the mind map from Mind Manager in Obsidian. I was thinking of having a template in Obsidian for 3 main topics: fleeting notes, literature notes (MM), and then my permanent notes. Or another possibility to copy picture of the MM in Obsidian? I know maps can be created in Canvas placed in Obsidian, but I don't want to recreate the MM map in Canvas then add it in. I read the comments from this on your site but they didn't seem to address this. Or maybe you have another way I'm not even mentioning. Is there someone who can work with me via zoom or phone on this? Even make a recording if you wish walking me through this process. I think it would be a great sales promo. ceafranz @ gmail.com 703 598 3493 cell