2 way link in mm is possible like obsidian, just i have to learn macros before i can implement it.

charles c. shared this idea 33 days ago
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1. one have to define a folder as a "vault" just like in obsidian, you have to set a boundary and search inside, not outside

2. in the vault, it simply need:

a. a list of all filenames + path

b. a matrix of which filenames@path hyperlinked to which filenames@path

these 2 files, just like obsidian, store inside the vault's .mm2way folder

3, then suppose in the vsd.mmap,

one can add topics "pedi"->"use"->"amiodaron";

and make a button that when i highlight amiodaron, it will hyperlink to the topic text.mmap, i.e. amiodaron.mmap.

it's obvious that in the matrix file, vsd.mmap will point to amiodaron.mmap;

and amiodaron.mmap is backlinked to vsd.mmap

these are simple things.

next level:

1. when same filename, pop up a selector to select the same filename files against different paths

2. may be in each .mmap's main topic, get a button when pressed, show the backlinks's topic, with the parent topics, siblings, and offsprings.

it could be done!

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i am studying for my license exam,

may be if i could pass, i could hire someone to make it happen.

sosad not yet.

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