Changing text on all topics to a different language (text)

Pierre P. shared this question 6 months ago
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Alex Gooding's idea is a necessary step for what I would love. Read first his "Add a topic field to SmartRules triggers and expand the trigger field to include topic attributes"

Topic field in Smart Rules would allow us to have a topic with properties acting as « global variables ». They could be triggers for large actions.

Related to this, my biggest wish is to be able to change the text on all topics to a different language.

Of course, for this I define properties like « French text », « English text », "Portuguese text" and "Original text". The text on the branch could be replaced by either one… as needed for the audience.

For this, we need:

- to access triggers on a selected topic (as proposed by Alex), not only the current one.

- we also need a better access to the topic text:

a. not only as a trigger, as it can be done now

b. but as a special property that we could modify (set "Branch text" to "French text")

c. as a value that could modify another property (set "Original text" to "Branch text")

Of course, executing c before b would be better ;-)