I want develop addon, what programming level i have to obtain?

charles c. shared this question 54 days ago
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tested numerous solutions,

mindmanager is always my choice, even it's close source.

i think i can use mm as the main body, and develop addon to suit my need.

i dont know much programming, but the linux guys say everyone could be a programmer.

what do i need to learn to write addons for mm?

basically i want mm to hook up with "anki".

suppose in the notes of a topic, i wrote [anki: (then some anki stuff/info/property)] and then when push a button, this topic and others will send to "anki" and feed into a SQL lite database.

something like that.


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You may want to take a look at this earlier request and the response.



And you may want to use the Database Linker.

I can be switched on via File =>Options => Addins.

And it appears in the advanced ribbon.

b288bb2b1dd2f6bf42f7285850bba581I don't know if it is still working with MM 22 for windows but, give it a try.


And...You could use Zapier.

Mindmanager has a Zapier zap.


Check if Anki has a Zap too. If not use the standard import-export facilities.
It may be that you have to go via an intermediate file like excel.

This may help you get to your goal, even without programming.
(programming simple stuff is easy, but it becomes complicated as soon as you go beyond "if this, then that".

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