A New Year's Resolution - stop deleting existing features when MindManager is upgraded

Alex G. shared this idea 17 months ago
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There was a time when I looked forward to each new release of MindManager because of the interesting and useful new features it would bring. Over the years, many of these have been outstanding - Formulas, SmartRules, HTML5 publishing are a few examples. Others have been less exciting but still useful.

However, in recent years my enthusiasm has been mixed with trepidation, because with almost every release an existing feature has been "deprecated" - MindManagerspeak for "deleted". The worst example was the sudden and still inexplicable removal of the ability to export an outline to PowerPoint, but there have been others. Deprecation can make life very difficult for heavy users of the program, because a feature you have relied on can disappear without a trace when the program upgrades.

So my plea is a proposal for a very simple New Year's Resolution:

Stop deleting existing features when MindManager is upgraded to the next version.