Why are there no relative links to Files or Folders in MindManager Mac (v22)?

Guido W. shared this question 14 months ago
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Having migrated from Windows to macOS I note that there is a very significant difference between MindManager versions for these operating systems:

On macOS links to files or folders are always stored as absolute links, i.e., the button "Store as absolute hyperlink" (when having selected the option "Files or Folders" for creating a link) is without any functionality as links are always stored as absolute links.

This is quite a disadvantage or—to put it differently—there are good reasons to have this feature available in the Windows version. A typical use case is project management: In a project you typically "encapsulate" everything within a project directory, which may have a convenient top level "master project mind map" to link to whatever is contained in subfolders.

The beauty of relative links is that they will work for every member of your team in a fast way, i.e., locally on their machines if they have downloaded the project. No need for internet connections. Also if you move you project to an archive, you will not want to have to redo all the absolute links.

So, please consider this a feature request for MindManager Mac.