Thanks for adding hyperlinks to the Excel Data Mapper - but keep up the improvements

Alex G. shared this idea 15 months ago
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Congratulations on adding hyperlinks as a data mapping option for Excel data import, a request I and several others have made on this forum.

While this seems like a minor improvement it makes life a lot easier for researchers and anyone else who wants to map lists of websites (either their own or those already aggregated online). The process can also be used to import many Word tables.

I've described the process for importing website lists in a post on my blog:

This addition means that the Excel Data Mapper can assign spreadsheet columns to the following topic attributes: Property, Notes, Start Date, Due Date and Link. This is a useful start but there is still some way to go, and the following need to be added as well:

  • Priority
  • Progress
  • Resources
  • Effort
  • Tags
  • Callouts

While some of these (for example, Priority and Progress) can be added by importing the attributes as properties and then using SmartRules to convert them, this really shouldn't be necessary. And of course it goes without saying that this facility should be fully integrated with the Mac version as well.