mm failed Mobile market and failed us users.

charles c. shared this idea 37 days ago
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I only have ANDROID

the 1St mm app is quite rubbish.
Then they buy think space? Becuase a single developer wrote better than their TEAM

now the mm snap. MM go is a reboot of bs.
Bring us back to 2011.

We want a FULL functional Mobile app.

Like mobile Photoshop Lightroom etc

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I'm afraid of needing to disagree.

I'm a user since the very first version, 30 years ago, and the MM is my upmost important tool, using it intensively on a daily basis.

Meanwhile I'm comfortable with the Go-App (in my case on iOS). What made the difference in the meantime is the hardware, in my case MS Surface convertibles. I can take the full functionality with me, wherever I want to go to. In case, I won't carry a laptop with me, e.g. when having a walk with my dog, I would be able to take a Snap, with incorporating it into the (quite large) map later at my home desk. I own three of those laptops, for redundancy purpose, all of them bought second hand. Hence, I don't need to be highly cautious with these devices, e.g. do I have experience of working in the woods, on a specific hidden bench.

We had this discussions for several times in this forum, finally by your post, I came to my conclusion.


android/chromebook got the 2nd market share, only after windows.

yet there is MacOS version.

It's clearly their evil decision to stick to microsoft, as they tend to protect the wintel/close source alliance.

Richard Stallman is fully against these.

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