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Is .mmap format open or published or public? I wanna move away from mm!

charles c. shared this question 5 months ago
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refer to my previous post, mm21 and beyond force me to hook online so I can't air gap to protect my data on PC.

I would like to know how I may migrate to another suite.

My data are now in .mmap files, I knew that it's indeep a zip file,

after unzip, there are an XML file (most important) among other things.

May I ask is the XML scheme of .mmap be trade secret or published or open or even standardized like PDF ISO?

if that's trade secret, it will be hard to migrate to another suite.

btw, will someone from EU tell me if EU will force mm to publish the standard? EU tends to be more humane than Americans. EU bans monopoly, bans apple, fined google, microsoft etc.


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