Make topic sort order number available as a topic property (along with topic level number)

Alex G. shared this idea 20 months ago
Voting Open

Nearly 18 months ago I reiterated my plea for topic sort level to be made available as a topic property. That sadly still hasn't happened, though at least the excellent MAP add-in has a feature which does this.

As well as repeating my call for this to be a core feature, I would also like the topic sort order number to be made available as a numeric topic property. This would have numerous uses, for example, setting up a "next waiting" system for tasks, or the ability to apply attributes such as icons, tags, fill colour etc based on the sort order.

This feature should be available whether or not topic numbering has been applied. I also envisage that the sort order number would be available at the main topic level, and then at each topic level within a map. In addition, this could be used with topic level numbering to precisely locate and reference a topic's position within a map, so for example, a topic with the topic level property number of 2 and a sort order property number of 3 would be the third subtopic based on sort order in the first level of subtopics in a map.