CPU/GPU recommendations for new laptop

profkang shared this question 18 months ago
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I'm a long-time user of Mindmanager. Some of my complex project maps could include 3000+ topics with 40+ rollups and a bunch of smartrules to automatically track actions. I need to get a new laptop and want to maximize performance. So I'm trying to get technical advice on CPU and GPU. Here's my current understanding.

First, GPU means nothing. Don't think Mindmanager ever uses it, even while dragging very large maps around. I just see CPU spikes with GPU remaining at zero. So, getting integrated graphics is fine for mindmanager. Could anyone confirm this to be true?

Second, I'm unclear if there's any reason why Mindmanager would prefer AMD's Ryzen 6000 series to Intel's 12th gen i9s. Might depend on whether multi-core versus single-core performance matters more to Mindmanager (as well as the number of additional apps opened).

Any advice for those in the know would be appreciated.