Work-Around: How to make pasted-in text's line-spacing uniform in a topic note

Tony J. shared this idea 23 months ago
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As commented in a 2021 Community Form posted reply, currently "MindManager is using a simple RTF editor. So the possibilities of formatting are limited." Because of that, pasting copied text into a topic note can result in inconsistent paragraph line spacing due to the pasted text bring in line spacing format codes used in the original text-source.

To get rid of those 'hidden' line spacing codes, here is a simple work-around using Mac OS's TextEdit app or Windows' NotePad app:

1) Make a copy of your MindManager note problem text

2) Open up your Text Editor app and paste the problem text into a new file

3) > In Mac OS TextEdit app, Highlight the problem text and then use the TextEdit app Format function 'Make Plain Text' to get rid of the hidden line spacing and other codes

> In Windows, text is automatically stripped of all formatting codes on pasting text into new file 4) Copy your now-converted text from Text Editor file and paste it back into your MindManager note

5) Lastly, use your MindManager text font selection and formatting functions to make sure your newly inserted plain text matches the look of the rest of the text in your topic note