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The new MindManager is here: Uplevel your productivity and teamwork

Craig B. shared this announcement 8 months ago

What’s new in MindManager, October 2023
Jira integration, sticky notes, whiteboard template, and more

Hey MindManagers,

We're thrilled to share that MindManager has just released its latest version (23.1), packed with a host of new and exciting features. This release is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering customer-first solutions. With the latest update, we aimed to enhance user productivity, drive collaboration, and foster innovation, benefiting individuals as well as teams.

The latest version includes an all-new Jira integration, a new whiteboard template, sticky note topics, MindManager file storage, activity digests, enhanced sharing, and several usability improvements and bug fixes. This release is for MindManager Windows and Cloud (Web/Chromebook/Microsoft Teams).

Here's a detailed look at what's new:

Jira integration*
MindManager Windows

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Directly connect your Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center instances to import and manage tickets and issues within MindManager. Explore and filter imported data, apply calculations, set up MindManager SmartRules, and make edits to individual or multiple tickets seamlessly through the MindManager interface. *Available separately as a paid add-on.

Customize your settings and move fluidly between your maps and Jira projects.

Whiteboard template
MindManager Windows

Collaborate in real time or asynchronously across an expansive canvas. Brainstorm and plan with sticky note topics. Convert sticky notes into tasks with due dates and assignees. Combine diverse diagram types. Attach files, links, icons, images, and tags to enhance your workspace.

Combine multiple diagram types and new sticky note topics across one expansive canvas.

Sticky note topics
MindManager Windows

The addition of new sticky note topics offers customers a fresh way to visualize ideas and invigorates brainstorming. It enables seamless collaboration for both simultaneous and asynchronous teamwork. Users can easily retain their preferred sticky note styles and formatting for future use. Additionally, whiteboarding templates now feature sticky note topics as the default option when suitable.

Revamp your brainstorming process with new sticky note topics.

Activity digests
All platforms

Get real-time updates on relevant MindManager activities when co-editing is enabled. Receive email digests when others edit or view your shared maps. These digests detail map edit specifics, conveniently delivered to your inbox. Easily interact with digests and quickly access settings directly from the email. Customize alert frequency and content types from your account settings, giving you full control over your updates. Stay informed, effortlessly.

Stay informed with real-time updates and email digests.

MindManager Files
MindManager Web and Chromebook

MindManager has introduced integrated cloud file storage for saved maps, streamlining the process of saving and sharing files. The need for third-party storage is eliminated and it enhances the co-editing experience. Sharing maps for simultaneous and asynchronous collaboration is now achieved with a couple of clicks. All files originating from MindManager Web and MindManager Chromebook are automatically stored in the newly designated "MindManager Files" location.

Effortlessly store and share maps with integrated cloud storage.

Enhanced sharing
MindManager Web and Chromebook

MindManager's sharing capabilities have been revamped for effortless and secure map sharing when using MindManager Files. Users can now easily share files with others without the need to manage individual permissions, and can assign diverse access levels to different users, such as viewing, commenting, or editing rights.

Secure and effortless map sharing with diverse access control settings.

Enhanced flowcharting
MindManager Windows

Experience enhanced flowcharting in MindManager with improved shape and text management capabilities. Enjoy more screen space and reduced time spent on formatting, as text now automatically adjusts to fit within designated containers. This enhancement helps streamline flowcharting in MindManager for a modernized experience, ensuring consistency throughout your work.

Streamline flowcharting with enhanced shape and text management.

Enhanced relationship and dependency routing
MindManager Windows

Default relationship lines have been intelligently redesigned for visual clarity, guiding you effortlessly through your map's connections and enhancing its visual appeal. With this update, routing follows the shortest logical path to its destination and minimizes crossover with other relationship lines.

Visualize map connections with intelligently redesigned relationship lines.

Downloads and resources available in the admin portal
MindManager Enterprise

Exclusive to Enterprise customers, the admin portal now offers direct access to installation files and resources. These encompass the latest builds, release notes, useful links, single sign-on (SSO) documentation, instructional videos, and supplementary content for a comprehensive experience.

Enjoy comprehensive access to resources within MindManager's admin portal.

Miscellaneous enhancements

Above is a brief overview of the most significant updates in the latest MindManager version. Numerous other features, along with under-the-hood improvements and fixes, have been incorporated to further enhance MindManager's usability. These include:

Okta can now be used as an SSO identity provider (Enterprise): For Enterprise users who do not use Microsoft or Google for SSO, Okta is now a supported alternative.

Multiple UX improvements in MindManager for Microsoft Teams: Users can now conveniently retrieve both their personal OneDrive files and those shared with them labeled "Shared with you" within the MindManager interface. Additionally, obtaining share links for files from the file browser tab has been streamlined for user ease.

Efficient multi-type topic info (Windows): Display diverse topic information concisely on a single line when it fits.

Precise configuration of MindManager SmartRules (Windows/Mac): Tailor map behavior with SmartRules at a granular topic level.

Professional templates in more languages (Windows): Access a diverse range of professional templates now localized in Chinese, Japanese, and Dutch.

This comprehensive update enhances MindManager's usability, making your work more efficient and enjoyable, while providing powerful tools for enhanced collaboration and productivity.

Happy mapping,

Your MindManager Team